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Ferry Timetables:

The itineraries for the arrival and departure of the athletes and their companions are as follows:


From Piraeus-Donousa:
Thursday 13/10 Blue Star Ferries 17.30pm via Paros-Naxos. Arrival in Donoussa at 01.30am

Friday 14/10 via Naxos.
Piraeus - Naxos Blue Star Ferries 07.45am. Arrival in Naxos 12.45pm. From there at 2.00pm Express Skopelitis via Heraklia-Schinoussa-Koufonisi. Arrival in Donoussa at 18.00 pm.

From Amorgos-Donoussa
Saturday 15/10 via Amorgos (Aigiali) Express Skopelitis 07.50am. Arrival in Donoussa 09.15am.


From Donoussa-Amorgos:
Saturday 15/10 Express Skopelitis 18.00 pm. Arrival in Aigiali Amorgos at 19.00 pm

Monday 17/10 Express Skopelitis 18.00 pm. Arrival in Aigiali Amorgos at 19.00 pm.

From Donousa- Piraeus:

Monday 17/10 via Naxos.
Sifnos Jet 14.00μμ. Arrives at naxos 15.00 (and from there it goes to Paros - Syros. Not for Piraeus)

Monday 17/10 via Naxos.
Express Skopelitis 09.15am via Koufonissi-Schinoussa-Heraklia Arrival in Naxos 1.00pm. From there departure at 18.00 pm with Blue Star Ferries. Arrival in Piraeus 23.20 pm (There is also a sea jet at 13.30 pm from Naxos- Piraeus).

Tuesday 18/10 Blue Star Ferries at 08.00am. Arrival in Piraeus at 3.30pm.

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All participants and their companions will have a 50% discount on Blue Star Ferries ferry tickets from Piraeus-Naxos-Donoussa and vice versa.
At the end of the registrations (on 09/10) a nominal list with the names of those entitled to the discount will be given to a cooperating agency, at which time you will be able to get your tickets!

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